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Detan facial Detan facial exclusively done in Finentice salon and spa in Bhubaneswar Detan facial in Satyanagar
Tanning treatment Save your Skin by getting tan, try tanning treatment at Finentice Salon and Spa in all branches. Tanning treatment in Bhubaneswar
Advance Skin Brightening Facial Finentice introduced Advance Skin Brightening Facial gives u instant radiance and remove tan and pigmentation up to 20 to 30% in 1 sitting in 1 hour. Offer price 1499/-. Call 7852942192/82 Advance Skin Brightening Facial at Bhubaneswar
Sunday Therapy!
Benefits of Applying Sunscreen! Tips by Finentice Salon & Spa by Finesse,
Skin lightening facial Finentice Salon and Spa has designed advance skin lightening facial which will give instant radiance skin. Skin Lightening facial in Bhubaneswar
You are beautiful in every single way. You just need to give yourself proper care & time. Invest in your skin. It's going to represent you for a very long time. Remember...beautiful skin needs commitment not a miracle. For Fcaials & more, come to FINENTICE. An elevated experience with remarkable results. #sunday #relax #beautifulskin #finentice
Manicure This summer get rid of hand tan doing Manicure at Finentice Salon and Spa in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. Manicure in Forest Park
Cryosonic treatment Inchloss treatment at Finentice Salon and Spa in affordable price and get instant result in one sitting, only at Satyanagar branch. Call 7852942192 Inchloss treatment in Bhubaneswar