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Smokey make up Finentice Salon and Spa will be the best place to have Smokey make up in Bhubaneswar
Professional Hairstylist Finentice Salon and Spa is a place where u get Professional Hairstylist to get your best hair cut done. Professional Hairstylist in Bhubaneswar
Eliminate tired puffy eyes with chilled tea:- use green black chamomile tea bags in hot water for less than a minute.Then remove the tea bags from the water and chill in a small cold water bowl and keep in refrigerators , once chilled place 1 bag over each closed eye lid, leave it for 5 to 15 minutes. Best skin treatment in Bhubaneswar :)
Can't go the Salon? Don't Worry. Now your salon comes home. Trust CASALON: FINENTICE HOME SALON by Finesse Experience all beauty services now at your doorstep. Book an appointment now to get a true pamper experience at your place and your time! Call 07852942181 now. *For Ladies only. *Prior appointment required before 24 hrs. Home salon in Bhubaneswar, Beauty services at your doorstep
NEW YEAR, NEW YOU The skincare resolutions you need to make – and stick to – this year Every year, we make the same promises to get rid of bad habits and take better care of ourselves – to exercise more, eat healthier, and indulge less – but how often do we include better skincare habits? Maintaining a proper skincare routine isn’t always easy, but commit to these five resolutions, and you’ll have a great start to beautiful skin. 1. Always remove my makeup before going to sleep. We all have those nights when all you want to do is crawl into bed and sleep, but no matter how tired you feel, it’s essential to thoroughly remove all of your makeup before going to bed. Sleep is when your skin gets a chance to rest and go into healing mode, but it can’t do that if there’s dirt, oil, and makeup from the day clogging your pores and wreaking havoc during those precious hours. This year, resolve to drag yourself to the sink no matter what. You can occasionally skip a few steps from your full skincare routine, but cleansing your face is always a non-negotiable. 2. Invest in your skin’s future. Usually when we make resolutions, we think of the long-term gains – a healthier body or more stable finances, for example – but we tend to forget to apply that to our skin. This year, resolve to take control of your skin’s future. Studies have shown that long-term use of Facial Treatment results in better and more youthful-looking skin for decades. Start investing in your skin today to have beautiful skin for the rest of your life. 3. Apply (and re-apply) sunscreen religiously. It's an established fact: wear sunscreen, or age prematurely. Protection from the sun's harmful UV rays is essential every day - even on cloudy days and in snowy cold climates - to combat the damage being done to your skin. This year, resolve to make sunscreen and skincare products with UV protection a necessary part of your daily routine. For a no-brainer way to shield your skin from the sun on a daily basis, opt for a dual-purpose moisturizer. 4. Take better care of your eye area. Our eyes are one of the first indicators of how tired we are – think under-eye bags and dark circles - and the eye area is also one of the first places where the signs of aging begin to appear, so proper eye care is crucial. This year, resolve to take better care of your eyes and eye area by using eye cream every day. 5. Pamper your skin at least twice a month. There’s nothing like unwinding at the end of the day by indulging in a soothing face mask. Not only are they great for restoring moisture into the skin, but the simple ritual of devoting time to relax and pamper ourselves does absolute wonders for overall de-stressing. This year, resolve to give yourself the VIP treatment with a luxurious face mask at least every other week. Apply a Facial Treatment Mask, relax for 20 minutes, and let the Pitera-soaked cotton mask work its magic on your skin. Your face will look instantly rejuvenated with baby-soft skin and a brighter complexion. Trust us – you deserve it.
NAIL EXTENSION: Gone are the days when artificial nails were your only option to make them longer. So, here we will tell you about nail extensions.They are stronger than simple artificial nails. Nail extensions are made of a piece of plastic known as 'tip', which looks just like your natural nails. This tip is modified according to your requirements of shape and length. This is then very carefully placed on your nails. They are quite durable and easy to get. Nail extensions are done with gel and acrylic powder to add beauty, length and strength. These also fortify your nails and prevent them from chipping. Have you had your nails done recently, or do you have a nail extension preference? We would love to hear from you.
Tired of dandruff?😥 No more worries. Try this remedy at your home. Apple cider vinegar is great for killing the fungus that causes dandruff. It provides instant relief from itchiness, while getting rid of dandruff with just a few applications over the course of a few days. What you need. Vinegar & Water What you need to do. 1. Dilute the vinegar with water in equal parts. For example, if you're taking half a cup of vinegar, mix it with half a cup of water. 2. Use this in place of your shampoo. Dandruff treatment in Bhubaneswar & Cuttack