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Thank you so much Biswakalyani Dash for trusting us on your big day and we are glad that you liked our services and took time out to appreciate us. We would be more than happy to serve you in future 😊
HAPPINESS is when People Love your Brand & your Logo Artwork So much that they get SO Inspired, font by font!! <3 That's Motivation for us to keep moving & serving you!!! 🙏 But However do not get confused, we are not related to nor endorse the said brand. 🚫 We are & always shall remain Fin'Entice, your loved salon for you. 😎
Imagination is the only limitation of nail art! Indulge in a new experience. The process is the same as a traditional manicure but the manicurist will embellish your nails with detailed patterns or nail accessories. It's possible to adorn your nails with pretty much anything these days! Gemstones, coloured foil and even piercings are standard practice in most nail salons thanks to the nail art movement which has taken the beauty world by storm. Celebrities the world over are jumping on the colourful bandwagon and turning it into a viral trend. Love your nails. They deserved to look beautiful than naked! Come to FINENTICE! #indulge #imagine #experience #nails #nailart #prettynails #patterns #nailaccesssories #manicure #finentice